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Expansion of construction the southernmost city of Srpska

The expansion of housing construction in Trebinje continues. In proportion to the number of new buildings, prices are rising and so is demand. Although it is difficult to find an apartment in a new building at a price lower than 1,700 KM per square meter, most of the apartments are sold out even before the start of construction.

New buildings are springing up everywhere, from the downtown area to the outskirts. In recent years, entire new neighborhoods have changed the look of the city, and as the construction season continues throughout the year in the South, work is done without a break.

Investors say Trebinje is attractive and worth the work. Buyers of apartments are mostly from the Diaspora, Banja Luka and Bijeljina, but there are also a lot of domicile population.

Everything is going uphill, prices are going up, sales have never been better – real estate agents point out that everything from small 30-40 square meters to big ones is sought.


Over the last few years, the prices of square meters in Trebinje have increased by 20 to 30 percent, and can now be compared to prices in much larger centers. Currently, the lowest price is 1,700 KM, up to 2,700, depending on the location and quality of construction.

Without any major problems, small and even luxury ones are sold. penthouse apartments of 150 square meters.

Land prices and construction costs are rising, and construction workers have an additional problem in the shortage of labor. Therefore, it is to be expected that in the near future real estate price growth will not be stopped.